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Lee Brothers Fencing, a reputable family-owned business with decades of experience in the fencing industry, approached our web design company with the goal of modernising their online presence and expanding their customer reach. As experts in providing high-quality fencing solutions to residential and commercial clients, Lee Brothers Fencing sought a website that would not only showcase their expertise but also streamline the customer experience and drive business growth.



  1. Outdated Online Presence: Lee Brothers Fencing’s existing website was outdated in both design and functionality, failing to accurately represent the company’s professionalism and commitment to quality.
  2. Limited Visibility: The old website lacked search engine optimisation (SEO) and lacked the necessary features to attract and retain potential customers, limiting the company’s online visibility and reach.
  3. Poor User Experience: The navigation on the old website was cumbersome, making it difficult for visitors to find relevant information and engage with the company effectively.



Our team embarked on a comprehensive redesign process to revitalise Lee Brothers Fencing’s online platform and address the challenges faced. The following steps were taken to achieve the client’s objectives:

  1. Strategic Planning: We conducted in-depth research into Lee Brothers Fencing’s target audience, market trends, and competitors to inform our strategic approach to the website redesign. This ensured that the new website would effectively meet the needs of both the client and their customers.
  2. Modern Design: Leveraging the latest design trends and best practices, we crafted a visually stunning and user-friendly website that reflects Lee Brothers Fencing’s brand identity and values. The design focused on simplicity, clarity, and intuitive navigation, creating an engaging and immersive browsing experience for visitors.
  3. Enhanced Content: We worked closely with Lee Brothers Fencing to develop compelling content that effectively communicates the company’s expertise, product offerings, and unique selling points. This included optimising existing content for SEO and creating new content to address customer pain points and highlight the benefits of working with Lee Brothers Fencing.
  4. Improved Functionality: We implemented advanced features and functionalities to enhance the user experience and streamline customer interactions. This included an intuitive contact form, a gallery showcasing completed projects, and integration with social media platforms to encourage engagement and sharing.



The launch of the new website marked a significant milestone for Lee Brothers Fencing, resulting in tangible improvements and positive outcomes for the business:

  1. Increased Online Visibility: The optimised website and improved SEO strategies resulted in higher search engine rankings and increased online visibility for Lee Brothers Fencing, driving more traffic to the website and attracting new customers.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: The modern design and intuitive navigation of the website led to improved user engagement and satisfaction, as visitors found it easier to find relevant information and contact the company for inquiries or quotes.
  3. Improved Brand Perception: The professional and visually appealing design of the website reinforced Lee Brothers Fencing’s brand identity and positioned the company as a trusted provider of high-quality fencing solutions in the industry.
  4. Business Growth: The revitalised online platform enabled Lee Brothers Fencing to expand their customer reach and attract new business opportunities, leading to increased sales and revenue growth for the company.

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