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website redesign checklist and fundamentals

Website Redesign Checklist: 7 Things To Consider When Redesigning

If you’re considering a website redesign then it’s probably already apparent how important a website is to your business. Outdated,...
Google shopping ads linked with merchant center

What is Google Merchant Center?

As retailers, it’s important storefront and websites can secure a steady stream of traffic and sales. But which platform offers...
cheap seo services and why they're a bad idea

Cheap SEO Services: Is it the right choice?

So you’ve searched “Cheap SEO Services”, and you’re thinking you’ll just get a good deal on SEO and the results...
Surfaces Across Google

Surfaces Across Google: Organic Shopping Listings for Free

You’d be forgiven for missing this one in all the chaos that is the Covid-19 pandemic. On May 5th 2020,...
Google glitch august 2020

Google Search Hurt By Major Glitch – August 2020

So last night Google Search saw massive ranking shifts right across the board, worldwide. It’s been confirmed by Google John...
online merchandising

Ecommerce Merchandising: Consider these 3 things

Merchandising is all about the presentation of products to best appeal to customers.  In eCommerce merchandising, we blend traditional retail...
advantages & disadvantages of marketing in a niche industry

Advantages Of Niche Marketing

What is Niche Marketing? Niche Marketing is only relevant when a business is in a ‘niche’ industry that is specialised...
website analytics

Web Analytics: A Selection Of Tools

A website is a crucial asset to any business, but why shoot in the dark when it comes to optimising...
using google trends

Using Google Trends: Tips & Features

What is Google Trends?  Google Trends gives data on search queries - for eCommerce businesses, Trends provides visual data on...
a most analysis stands for mission, objectives, strategy, and tactics

What is a MOST Analysis? And How To Perform One

A business is often founded upon a specific vision and a business plan as its basis, but it's easy to...
choosing the right colour for your web and graphic design

Colour Psychology in Web & Graphic Design

The effects of colour in marketing can be HUGE.  It's probably the most significant tool in a marketer and designer's...
2 leading cms systems, drupal and wordpress

Drupal Vs WordPress

We’ve found that there are 2 common content platforms that frequently get a mention when coders talk about building websites....