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A little bit about the Client

Dynamique Dance is a leading UK provider of children’s entertainment, dance workshops and parties for children and adults. With over 10+ years of experience in providing engaging, fast-paced and entertaining experiences – it was important for Dynamique Dance to showcase all the dance packages they could provide. The business was created in 2011 by Katie. Katie Keating trained at the Ann Oliver Stage School Leicester, Middlesex University and Pineapple Studios London.

So, why the need for a new website?

With a lot of competition, it’s important for Dynamique to stand out above the crowd. As Katie goes above and beyond with customised, tailored party packages – it’s important to highlight how unique and flexible the parties and entertainment are.


– Graphic Design

– WordPress Development and vWeb Design

– Updatable and Easy to Use

– Responsive

– SEO and Google Ranking

Project Overview & Design

As we put UX (User Experience) design at the heart of our websites, we zoned the website into different categories. The different categories ensured the website was easy to use. It also helped the visitor navigate easily through the website to find what they need. As well as being easy to use, we wanted to ensure that whoever came onto the website would know the Dynamique Dance brand even without a logo on there, therefore we kept the website well branded and consistent through the use of fonts and colours.

we delivered our web design services to revamp the website for Dynamique dance & parties

Project requirements

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