Website Migration Services to suit your business

Our website migration services are here to serve your business and let your website scale the way you want it to. We are specialists in WordPress and we champion the migration to our choice of content management system (CMS) simply because it's the best system for any business. Migrate to us knowing your website is secure. If you are coming from a website with zero security features - we can add security with SSL certificates and also add preventative measures to your migrated site.

Our migration process ensures minimal downtime of your site to keep you and your clients happy. When you make the move, we aim to limit the disruption to your work and take the hassle away. We can liaise with your previous IT/hosting provider and get everything sorted for you.

Benefits of our website migration services...

  • Security

    Migrating to us means your site will be secured with HTTPS and therefore be provided with an extra boost to your Google search rankings. Our selected plugins can reduce spam and prevent attacks on your website.

  • Website uptime

    If you choose to use our server to host your website, you can rest assured we have everything monitored and secured to keep your website up and running.

  • Technical assistance

    Struggling with migrated email accounts or want help updating your site using WordPress? We are on the other end of the phone to help you use and get the most from our services.

  • Improved CMS

    WordPress is a content management system that performs allround. Your website can be scaled easily and have further functionality added whenever you want. With a knowledgeable community and frequent updates, WordPress keeps your site fresh and useable.

  • Ease of use

    When we take over, we make it easy for you to add, publish, and change the content on your website.

  • Custom functionality

    With thousands of plugins and experienced developers, we can add custom functionality to your site and integrate it with your existing systems if needed.

  • Scalability

    There are no page or product limits with the WordPress CMS. With so few constraints, you can scale up your website as your business grows and have the site perform the way you’d like it to.

  • Domain strength

    Our site transfers improve your website’s strength online, so it’s not unusual to see an increase in organic rankings with no negative impacts.

Migrating to WordPress

Why migrate to WordPress?

WordPress is used on around 43% of all websites on the internet (it’s a huge platform). Webmasters use WordPress above other CMS systems because of its unique features that include scalability, multiple users and easy updates.

The Creative Asset team have the technical knowledge related to shifting domains, domain name server (DNS) settings, hosting servers, attached email accounts, and Cpanel to ensure our migrations are efficient and fit-for-purpose. Throughout the transfer, we look to optimise your website in line with industry best practice.

Here at Creative Asset, we pride ourselves on being a top WordPress agency. The vast majority of our websites are made using the WordPress framework.
If you are looking to sell online, you will need a great website that converts your visitors into paying customers. Our team specialise in creating WooCommerce websites as an eCommerce solution.

Have emails included with your current provider and not sure how they’ll work after?

We will migrate your emails, including your inbox of saved mail and your store of contacts. We will also help with the setup on your devices if required. We understand you’ll need an open line of communication with your work staff and clients at all times. We, therefore, strive to make the transfer quick and trouble-free.

Is a slow website affecting your business?

When we migrate websites, we often place the new site on our very own servers. These servers are uncluttered and give your site plenty of storage and bandwidth to function, scale, and thrive.

With 24hr monitoring, our servers have an almost constant uptime, ensuring your web visitors can access your website whenever needed.

We offer hosting as a standard package or, if you’re a larger website, we can customise a server environment to suit your particular needs.

Take a look at our unique approach to superior WordPress development


Planning & Conceptualisation

This initial stage is all about ideas. Exploring a range of design styles that suit your business and target audience. One of the main focuses of this stage is to find the most appropriate method of communicating the information.


Code, Design & Content Creation

The main focus of the development stage is to ensure that all the information is conveyed in a clear and concise manner. Copywriting and editorial design play a large role at this stage. The design of the website is then refined further to ensure it works in synergy with your branding.


Refinements & Amends

This stage focuses on refining the artwork and copy within the website. To ensure that the design will look it's very best when launched.


Launch & support

We will manage the whole process, from creating the initial brand guidelines to developing your website. To ensuring that your website is delivered as promised.

Expert website development

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