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Adam Cook

Bespoke Web Design

It’s no secret that templated website design is still offered as a service by many web design agencies across the globe. Template websites are usually posed as a great website option – they’re cheap, quick to make, and require very little understanding of website development and how they work. So I can see why small businesses would see this as an appealing offer compared to having one built bespoke, shelling out thousands of pounds and waiting months for a site to be developed. 

Now I’m sure there’s pros and cons to both, but now more than ever, and in a new decade! (where websites and online business will run supreme) we’re going to tell you why YOU should have a new bespoke website design done by professionals.

  1. Making the best impression
  2. For any business online, there’s always competition. Google and other search engines can churn out no end of results for businesses just like yours, who operate in the same area, and offer the same services. The only thing setting you apart from that competitor (in the eyes of the searcher, of course) is going to be the design and layout of your website and online presence.  

    Building a bespoke website means doing research into your brand and your competitors to create a truly unique experience for visitors that will impress them, give them all the information they’re looking for, and encourage them to complete actions like calling the business or emailing to enquire. 

  3. All the functionality you could need
  4. Designing and developing a website bespoke means having all the bells and whistles your website needs. Want to schedule bookings through an online booking system? Easy. Need to create a custom contact form to get all the relevant information off a user? No problem. A bespoke web design company can offer all the functions and features you can shake a stick at. And more. 

    Adding functions and plugins to a template website can make parts look ununiformed and sloppy. With bespoke, everything can be made to look and integrate like part of the website. It doesn’t matter what you’re wanting your website to do, they’ll always be a way to blend it in with the website’s design and build.

  5. Sustainable growth online
  6. No doubt with any design there comes restrictions to what can and can’t be edited. But a forward-thinking design agency has the foresight to understand your ambitions and build an evergreen website that can expand and grow with your business. 

    A templated site has the most limitations by far. You can’t continue to add and edit all aspects of the content and site – and often there’s very little support available from the developers who made the template. At least, with a bespoke design partnered with the agency who built it bespoke for you, will have all knowledge and expertise to continually develop and build on your online presence whilst receiving fantastic service.

  7. Your marketing & tracking
  8. In times of growth, your business may want to expand their marketing efforts online. And why not? There’s no end of paths to take with search engine optimisation getting your website up there on Google for keywords, and paid shopping campaigns to drive your eCommerce site sales. But it all starts with your website, get the basics down first, a clean design that suits your business profession and is completely optimised for your users whether you’re targeting B2B or domestic customers, your approach to content and design matters.

    Of course, if you’re to take maximum benefit from online marketing, it’s paramount we track and monitor the success of campaigns to draw business insights and better understand our industry online. 

  9. Content management

It’s unlikely you’ll know very much about the content management system you use for your website, but often, it can hold the key to a successful site that can grow unrestricted. And a site that continues to lose traction online and becomes outdated. 

We’re WordPress experts. Our team has worked on many CMS systems and trialled them all. Over 35% of websites on the internet are built on the WordPress management system, and it’s top choice for good reason. Being an open source software, the support community for WordPress is huge, the integrations and plugins library to add all functionality to a website is there and readily available with no limits. You can edit core WordPress files to add truly bespoke design and scale your site to any heights – Completely unrestricted. Have we got you thinking about bespoke website design and what it can do for your business? Good! Get in touch with our friendly team today on 0115 786 0244

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