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The Client

Metisplan is an award-winning project control & construction planning company based down in Berkshire. In the past, they’ve worked on project control for public transport projects including Liverpool Lime Street and Dublin Airport. Their specialist 4D planning and full-service capabilities make them the go-to for planning and project control.

Metisplan’s previous website lacked a proper structure and strategy.¬† The font size was inconsistent throughout the web pages and a lot of information was crammed into tile-like boxes that didn’t really relate to the page they were on.

Phase 1 Brief & Objectives

Having discussed with the client at length, we came up with a vision of what had been their issues with the website in the past and how they would like it to work going forward.

  • Responsive and accessible by all devices
  • Keeping in brand
  • A clear structure that’s easily navigable

Project Outcome

The updated website now looks fresh and evergreen with a responsive layout for users on all devices and solid structure that’s easily navigable and rich in clear content.


metsplan logo

Project requirements

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