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Nationwide commercial fencing contractors, SecuraFen have over 40 years experience constructing on-site security perimeters including fencing, gates, bollards and barriers to the highest standards. Working with such a broad range of customers, from the MOD and public sector.

The updated website needed to cater to the broad type of customer SecuraFen has and is wanting more of. Therefore, the whole visitor journey through the website needed to be as personalised and streamlined as possible. 

To achieve this, the website structure was developed to clearly divide the Fencing, Gate, Barriers & Parking Controls, and Security Systems. Using colour coded branding for each of these categories we were able to segregate different services and deliver a clearer path for visitors to take on the website, ultimately leading them to enquire for the services that suited them.

With the launch of the new website the results were evident. Enquiries had increased from 1.9% of all customers enquiring to 11.85%!

The new website design had proven to be efficient at driving the right kind of customers to the website, and putting the right information, design, and more options for them to get in touch put the website in good stead for Phase 2 of Creative Asset’s digital strategy – Marketing. 

With the website now working like a charm, and as efficiently as possible driving website visitors to enquire, now was the time to step up the online presence for SecuraFen with Google Ads and SEO.

With a focus on attracting commercial customers, particularly for security and palisade fencing, Creative Asset set up a Google Search Ads campaign. This was run in parallel to SEO work. With SEO providing long term, consistent enquiries month to month but taking longer to gain traction, and PPC providing quick business enquiries in the short term. 

The effects of this strategy were immediate, a significant uptick in people contacting SecuraFen for work and 3 months into this strategy we had achieved a 600% increase in enquiries through the website form, phone calls, and email enquiries. Now 2 years on, both the Google Ads, and SEO work continues for SecuraFen.

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