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The Client

Shot Peening Services UK offers niche services for the treatment of metals – this includes everything from peening metals and dry ice blasting right through to the coating of metal parts with PTFE or a powder coating. The team at Shot Peening Services UK operate both locally in Nottinghamshire and Nationally, and have even been known to accept work on offshore oil rigs!

Their team are genuinely proud of the quality of work they deliver and needed a brand new website to reflect this and help customers find the right service for them.

Having previously worked with a freelance web designer and now unsatisfied with the results of this (low search traffic and few enquiries), Shot Peening Services UK signed up to a new website design by Creative Asset.

From initial research, we uncovered the industry was largely dominated by a handful of competitors with outdated designs, poor site structure and poor content.

Following on from keyword research, we planned a strong site structure that would be easily navigable for users and would index well on Google.

Further to this, the website had to look professional and align with the business’ industrial nature.


Phase 1 Brief & Objectives


Discussing with the client we identified these objectives:


  • Web design that speaks to the right target audience
  • Effectively communicate why Shot Peening Services UK is the best choice
  • Responsive website that can be viewed easily across all devices


Project Outcome

> Commissioned the design of another website for their second business!

> Users stayed on their website 1m 57s longer on average than before the redesign

> Users leaving the website straight away decreased by 30%

> The client requested we begin phase 2


We designed the website for Shot Peening Services UK; Building them a website that represents and strengthen their brand, as well as better optimising for users to take action and get a quote.


Phase 2 Brief & Objectives



  • Increase online visibility
  • Increase leads


What were the outcomes of phase 2 and National SEO?


> Increased online visibility 500% – appearing in 60 searches daily to around 300 searches for their business keywords

> Increased website users by over 160%

> National visibility for their niche

> Commissioning of National SEO for their 2nd website

> Increased users visiting the contact page by 250%


Using our advanced web tools and expertise, Creative Asset took the website from ranking on the first page of Google for a couple of keywords and phrases to securing first page rankings for the majority of their services. We discovered quality keywords that wouldn’t just drive traffic, but qualified sales leads to their website! And how do we know all this? We monitor where users go and do on the website and find after the homepage the second most visited page is the contact page!


So how did we improve their online visibility?


To begin with, the website had a lot of thin content on service pages, we did a lot of research into the niche and the business to write effective content that Google and users would like to see. We incorporated lots of keyword research and detailed information on the page’s topic. Which led, for example, to pages like their Glass bead peening service not ranking at all, to ranking 3rd on the first page of Google.


We also secured them on local searches for “Powder coating in Chesterfield” and “Powder coating in Nottingham” on the first page. This brought in considerable targeted traffic to the website but we still felt we could do better. Through continual keyword research and competitor analysis, we found more searches we could get our client to rank for. And so, Shot Peening Services UK now ranks nationally for “On site shot peening” and “Controlled shot peening” too.


If we’ve managed to pique your interest and understand your business can benefit then get in touch today to discuss your business.

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