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Taylors Official Trade Merchandise, Yorkshire

Taylors website design done by creative asset

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Taylors was founded in the 1960s as a wholesale warehouse supplying sports goods to retailers. Their business website first took form online back in 2005 with the introduction of an easy online ordering and dropshipping service. Dropshipping allows companies across the world to sell products without ever physically holding that product in stock. The solution enables a seamless process between 3 parties: the customer, the retailer, and our client: the stockist, who can offer a white label shipping service to fulfil orders for their partners’ customers.

The eCommerce website was well overdue for a redesign and complete revamp.

From the initial consultation it was clear that the Taylors website needed to be scalable to cope with the business’ expansion and ever growing customer base. The new website features modern design graphics and additional categories to be able to split “new in” items and “bestsellers” as well as a way to add sale items that are discounted at checkout. All the bells and whistles you’d expect from an up-to-date eCommerce platform ready to take sales (with integrated sales gateway of course!).

Using the product data on the existing site, we mapped all of the products over, along with their titles, descriptions, prices, and any variations of the products – and cleaned up any errors or mis-spellings with existing products along the way.

After the design team worked their magic, our development team hooked everything up to the clients existing payment platforms and sent over helpful tutorials on any new features the client might be unfamiliar with (so there wasn’t much new to learn).


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