Are your website visitors failing to convert to customers? You need ‘calls to action’!

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As a small business owner, it’s a no-brainer that you want to transform those visits to your website into actual sales. It is seriously frustrating when you know you’re getting traffic on your website, but for some reason, those visitors aren’t actually converting into customers. This may be because you are missing ‘call to action’ phrases or buttons.

So, what is a ‘call to action’?

A call to action isn’t as complex as it sounds! They are words or phrases which prompt your target audience to take action. Examples of good calls to action are “join our exclusive club” or “book today.” These phrases encourage your customers to take proactive responses whilst on your website.

Essentially, it’s all about creating a sense of urgency. Without any sense of direction, prospective customers can get distracted and not follow through with transactions. By constructing a clear, predefined journey from the off, it helps create those all-important conversions. And if they do get distracted, calls to action can get them back on track.

So what calls to action should you use?

Calls to action can vary from website to website, because it’s all about assessing your needs as a business. In particular, knowing what you want your customers to do when going to your website is essential. Once both those things are figured out then you’re good to go in creating highly converting calls to action!

Let’s put that plan info action!

There are a few ways that you can use ‘calls to action’. They can be used to encourage a purchase, contacting you to inquire about your services or joining a mailing list. Calls to action should be short, concise phrases like “buy now”, “book a service today” or “register to receive exclusive rewards”. The placement of these phrases should be somewhere relevant, to make sure that it is really clear what direction you want your prospective customers to take.

These few short steps will vastly improve the user experience of your website! If you need help thinking up the right sales strategy, including coming up with ‘calls to action’ to use on your website, then contact us today.


Michelle Carroll