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online merchandising

Ecommerce Merchandising: Consider these 3 things

Merchandising is all about the presentation of products to best appeal to customers.  In eCommerce merchandising, we blend traditional retail...
building a unique website design for your business

What is Bespoke Website Design?

Bespoke Web Design It’s no secret that templated website design is still offered as a service by many web design...
this is what makes a good website

What Makes a Good Website?

What elements make up a good website? As the internet gets older every year, one thing is clear; the design...
what is amp?

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source project led by Google with the aim of Increasing the performance of the...
web design or web development

Web Design Vs Web Development: What’s The Difference?

Web design or web development? It’s clear these two terms are synonymous with each other. In a jargon-cluttered field, web...
web design principles

10 Principles Of Quality Web Design

When it comes to web design, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are great assets to have. However, there are aspects of...
Gate Sign Displaying "Open 11am–6pm Seasonal". Definitely a company in need of a local business website.

8 Reasons Why Your Nottingham-based Business Needs a Website

This article is part of our beginner's series. It should take under ten minutes of your time to explain why...
Olivia's Sweet Little Things Web Design Doncaster

Keep Up With your Competitors – 5 Reasons to Have a Responsive Website Design

How many times have you heard web designers talk about responsive design? A hundred? Maybe more? You may not realise...
Design Choices

Are Your Design Choices Making or Breaking Potential Business Deals and Sales for You?

The thing about design is that it’s very subjective, especially when it comes to the likes and dislikes of individuals....
Scratch Coding for Kids

Get started teaching your kids to code (even if you’re a total non-techie)

My parenting style means that I like to be led by my kids' interests rather than persuade them into pursuits...
Duolingo App

Does being bilingual make you a better coder?

As a business owner and mum to three young children, I find I spend most of my life simply juggling...
Barclays Code Playground

Technophobe? Don’t be a digital chicken!

You’ve probably seen the latest Digital Eagle advert by Barclays that has been hitting our TV screens for the past...