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Online platforms are some of the hardest, most competitive places to sell your business’s products and services. This competition makes the words you choose to use in your business marketing that ever more important.

I’m sure by now, you’ve played the role of being the customer to an online sale, so you might be able to remember the type of marketing tactics used to draw you into that sale. If not, no worries, we’re going to cover a wide range of powerful marketing words that can be used in your marketing copy to attract new customers. 

Powerful Marketing Words: Creating a sense of urgency

When a user is searching for a specific product or service, chances are they’re researching it or are in the market to buy it. One way to motivate a user to buy is to set a time limit or add urgency to your product. Urgency allows you to gain a customer while they’re in the market before they might lose interest. Here are some marketing words to create a sense of urgency in your ad copy:

  1. Hurry – You can use this command in conjunction with another urgency statement like “While Stocks Last”. 
  2. Limited Stock – This one doesn’t come first to mind when I choose words for ad copy, but nonetheless, works well for many businesses. 
  3. Sale Ends Soon – If you’re running a sale that maybe doesn’t have an end date in sight, this could be a great choice. 
  4. Buy Now – A subtle call to action that would work well as anchor text on a button. This can be adapted if you don’t run an eCommerce website too, add ‘Now’ to add that sense of urgency.
  5. Order Today – Again, slightly more subtle than the previous ‘Now’, I feel this adds a little bit of urgency and is a good call to action.
  6. Don’t Miss Out – As well as urgency, this plays on the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Pro tip: Try complimenting your sense of urgency with the colour red in text or as a background, and adding exclamation marks!

For customers that are motivated by cost

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Even more so in recent years after seeing a loss in high street shops for mid-high end retailers while bargain stores like Primark, Aldi, Lidl, and B&M surge in popularity. People love a bargain. If you’re in a position to highlight your great value products use some of the following marketing words in your website of ad copy:

  1. Bargain – Even declaring that your bargain is a bargain will make it click in customers minds quicker.
  2. Sale – If it’s cheaper than what it was originally priced at, that’s a customer-win.
  3. Free – Generally speaking, not a great idea to give away free stuff – but if your main product comes with free delivery or has something free included, let them know.
  4. X% Off – If you can include a discount offer, they work well as an introductory offer or seasonal something-something to encourage that sale.

Bonus tip: By displaying the previous price of an item on sale, you can show customers the savings they’re making. 

For customers that are motivated by security 

The need for safety is a primal instinct crucial for survival; it can’t be ignored. Consumers are accustomed to their statutory rights and like to know they can return and refund products should they need to. Use these powerful marketing words to gain safety-conscious customers:

  1. Guaranteed – Well if it’s guaranteed there’s nothing to worry about!
  2. 100% – There’s no doubt about it – join this with guaranteed for a killer combo. 
  3. Money-back – A promise to return money should the consumer be dissatisfied.
  4. Secure – Online payments can be worrisome, secure your customer’s data.
  5. Protected – Again another trigger word, protecting your customer’s products is a big must.

Bonus tip: Add payment option alternatives like PayPal and add other security signals, so users know your website is safe to purchase from. 

Powerful Marketing Words To Personalise

Instead of talking to customers in the third person, include them directly with terms like “You” and “Your”. This engages users a lot better than if you were not to use it. 

As a business, you can create personalisation in other ways online. For example, you can take advantage of targeting your local customers with local colloquialisms or mention brands you’ve worked with that your customers may already be familiar with; you can earn trust off the back of these and resonate with users. 

To conclude, there’s a caveat to applying these marketing words and phrases to your online advertising, and that’s only to use words that’ll apply to your business and fit in with your brand. 

When you’ve decided on which approach is best for your marketing campaign, you can use these words in emails, landing pages, display ads, web copy and more. 

Thanks for reading!

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