These 7 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing Will Transform Your Online Presence

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There are hundreds of Social Media platforms available to a business. Often it’s difficult finding which ones to use – should your business choose any at all. 

If your business has built up an online presence off of social media, then now might be the best time to start using them. Get ahead of your competition with social media marketing and incorporate this channel into your digital marketing mix

Lower Advertising Costs

Most social profiles and platforms are completely free to use. You can engage with people you think may be interested in your business and drum up interest in your business through cleverly placed content on social media. You can get great referral traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and more, and often, the advertising costs are significantly lower than search engine advertisements – meaning you can reach more people on a tighter budget. Facebook also has unrivalled audience targeting for Ads. The data they collect can be used to effectively target even the most specific of audience types on Facebook Ads. 

Increase Website Traffic

If you’ve used a website as your main lead magnet and want to continue using it then why not use social to drive traffic to your website? If your business is in a niche or sector that has an online following of people then join groups of like-minded people and market your website to them. Get the word out on social media and use your social profiles to send your users to your website.

Better Search Rankings

Using social media you can increase Google’s trust in your business and subsequently increase your Google rankings. Social media is an important part of SEO, and establishing yourself on social media shows you’re a legitimate business. Google can also use your social profiles to better understand your business and show you on relevant search results. 

And it’s not just Google that does this! Bing, Yahoo and others all use social profiles to assess your quality when it comes to ranking your website.

Social media increases sales

If you can reach potential customers then there’s the potential of a sale. It’s a lesser-used technique among marketers and sales but using social media to connect and sell to customers creates a more personal relationship between brand and lead. The use of direct messaging means users can have a back and forth conversation on a platform they’re comfortable using. It’s also a great customer service tool when support is needed. 

Establish Your Authority

Through social media, you can show your knowledge and prove your expertise in your area. Creating useful and educational content is a great strategy for getting shares and likes for your brand. To be the best in your industry is to be recognised and present on all major platforms. By establishing your authority you’ll have more people come to you for your knowledge and services. You can also create a community of followers based on your expertise too.

Brand Awareness

Participating in social media engages users with your brand. Throughout social platforms, you can post and display content that your brand stands for and how you like to work. There’s also the opportunity to create viral content that catches on very quickly and brand exposure can explode when this happens so why not be ready for it and take the chance? 

Market Your Content

If your business is big on blog writing or pushing other forms of content out then content marketing on social media can be a win-win for you. The initial exposure to your blog post quickly helps your post grow on search engines and rank well. Sharing your content is the quickest way to get it noticed so this is a huge benefit of using social media channels.

It’s an impossible task to use all the social platforms under the sun so pick the ones that apply best to your business but we recommend you definitely choose Facebook as one because this applies to almost all businesses and offers the best organic value for search traffic and SEO-benefit.

the 7 benefits of social media marketing

Adam Cook