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Interest in Digital Marketing has rocketed in recent years. If you’re one of the thousands of people making the move into this sector, then you will quickly realise if you don’t keep up with everything that’s going on in this space, your competitors will – which is bad news for you I’m afraid. However, fear not, here’s a huge list of digital marketing blogs for you to follow and stay current with all the latest news.

If you struggle with remembering to read, then we recommend you subscribe to email alerts! A lot of these blogs offer notification right in your inbox when they drop a new blog post.

Here are the top blogs we think you should really consider reading on the regular:

Search Engine Journal

This is a go-to blog with around 2 posts daily in each category. They focus on writing factual updates on what’s current in SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and Social Media. You can also view their resources tab with learning e-books, marketing trends, marketing events and more. Unlike some of the blogs, the interface is more modern, and the content is always easy to read.

Content Marketing Institute

As the name suggests, they write heavily about content in all its forms. With topics covering content tools, content creation, trends, promotion, and blogging; you get a real overview of content marketing and how it fits with other digital marketing channels.

Digital Marketer Blog

Looking for an all round blog on digital marketing? This is your choice. They cover a massive amount of detail and source a lot of relevant content to help you. Their blog does lack any category links, but you can use the search bar for your topic search. Also, slightly related to their blog is the rest of their website, where they offer great hints, tips, and tricks on digital marketing best practices.

The Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is commonly known for being a fantastic digital tool for us marketers, but have you seen their blog?! The content these guys put out is quality. The posts are really interesting and cover some great marketing advice and digital marketing topics. Focus is primarily on SEO and PPC, but they do write about all digital channels.

SEMrush Blog

Not to be confused with SEMrush’s news tab, the blog is in the community section and has one of the best blog layouts. They do a lot of research and collate mass amounts of data which they share freely with readers. This is so useful as it gives us factual data we can use to apply to our campaign. A lot of their content is written by experts in the field of the topic, which is excellent.

Duct Tape Marketing

The blog for Duct Tape is a general marketing blog but does still cover digital marketing. This might be a good one for you if you want to see how digital channels fit into the marketing sector as a whole, as there are great topics on traditional marketing and setting up marketing campaigns too. Unfortunately, this blog doesn’t give the date published, so it can be difficult to know how old the post is.


Landing page and conversion optimisation is the topic of this blog. Unbounce promotes its landing page software but adds value in tips for optimising your website for conversions. Posts are also written about PPC and Google Ads as this is the main traffic method to their landing pages.

Quicksprout Blog

Started by Neil Patel, an industry leader in digital marketing, Quicksprout offers comprehensive content on starting a website, scaling a website and everything in between. The posts are factual and easy to navigate with no ads covering the screen – another professional blog that you should be reading.


Good eCommerce blogs are hard to come by, but the guys at Econsultancy have really nailed this gap. They produce global marketing, digital and eCommerce insights to readers in the eCom business. They feature many posts on interviews with business owners and CEOs running eCommerce websites. Averaging around 3 posts a day, you won’t run out of quality content to read here.

PR Daily Blog

Arguably a lesser used web marketing activity, PR covers various topics including crisis communications, content marketing, employee engagement, and social media platforms. There is a wide range of authors on this blog so the style changes, yet the quality and knowledge are impressive throughout.


Moz blog comes first in a lot of other digital marketing blog lists. There are daily posts and of course Whiteboard Fridays which offers insights into digital practices. They also promote Moz Local, one of the services they offer.


The HubSpot blog covers Marketing, Sales, and CRM topics. This is a very popular blog and is updated daily with industry news. There are some really informative posts but you might struggle to search by category or search by topic. They also write about their software services. One thing I love about HubSpot is there learning centre; you can find lots of courses and certifications to better your understanding of topics like inbound marketing.


These are the highly commended blogs that we suggest you read. Having SEO, PPC, Content marketing, SMM, PR, and more to keep track of can be a real task but we hope these blogs help you stay up to date with the latest and greatest.

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