Are Your Design Choices Making or Breaking Potential Business Deals and Sales for You?

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The thing about design is that it’s very subjective, especially when it comes to the likes and dislikes of individuals. Therefore, whilst there’s no one-size fits all approach, you do need to focus on conveying the right message and appealing to your ideal customers and target market. Making the right design choices and presenting a clear, professional and cohesive brand to your prospective customers can help build trust in your company and win new clients and business.

So what does it mean to you and how do you know it’s the right choice?

Design is often underestimated when it comes to small businesses, but in fact it has just as much power as customer service. Your design is what attracts the customers to your site, but also helps persuade them to stay. Especially if your website design is easy to view and use, a good user experience means it’s likely that clients are going to return. It’s a given that as consumers we will always go to buy from the businesses that we trust. If your website looks old and outdated, potential customers may be turning away in their droves, simply because your outdated design choices are instilling that sense of mistrust. Particularly if your website takes payments or bookings online, this could go so far as making them fear they could being scammed or that your company is not legitimate.

If Joe Gebbia, CEO of AirBnB, can change public opinion of staying in other people’s homes through good design, then you know design is a crucial part to your digital strategy. (link to TED talk video)

So how can you design your website to show that you are a trustworthy business?


This is arguably the biggest thing which can establish loyalty with your customers. By sticking to the same consistent theme across all your brand platforms, not only are you distinguishing yourself from your competition but you’re also building your reputation up, showing that you’re credible.

Say someone finds you through word of mouth—the very first thing they are going to do is Google you. It’s inevitable. Whether it be on their phones whilst they’re on the go or on their laptops when they’ve got a moment’s peace they’re going to search for you. As a result, first impressions are essential. So, if the branding of your online presence doesn’t match then the potential customer is going to doubt your ability to deliver on the service or product that they want.

To make sure your brand is consistent then ensure you’re using the same colour scheme and fonts across all of your platforms. It can be print, digital or even in store—you need to show that these features are linked together.

For example, if you like a design element that a competitor uses then you need to think: “does it fit in with my brand”. If not, toss the idea. But if you think it does, then you can adapt the same thing but personalise it so it matches you—not them.

High Quality Photos

Photos are a great way to not only attract your target customers, but actually showcase your business. By including a few high-quality photographs can allow the user to see exactly what they would be getting. You know, it’s a cliché but true—a picture speaks a thousand words.

On the other hand, poor quality images will do the same in reverse. Customers will associate your brand with poor quality and a lack of trust.

Generate trust by showing open visibility in your business. It will help people be willing to trust you because they understand your brand.

Professional, yet Personal

This is where the business credibility aspect comes. Showing you and your brand, whilst remaining professional to show you’re trustworthy. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your website is going to look boring. It just means that you should have a clean and fully functional design, whilst still showing your brand personality. After all, it’s still your brand which distinguishes you from everyone else!

You can achieve this look by using high quality photos but utilising white space. White space is basically the background of your site. You don’t want to fill up the whole screen with every single design element. It’d clutter your website and it would become just too overwhelming for the user to use.

SSL certificates are another way (not in a design way) to create that trust through showing that your website is secure. We touched on this on a different article so if you’re interested, read it here.

If you’re struggling with your design and in desperate need for some help—then reach out and view our services. Or get in touch with us today on 0115 786 0244.

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