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Facebook Security mishap

Facebook’s latest security breach – what does it mean for you and your business?

So, what’s happened? We’ve had the Cambridge Analytica scandal, last September’s security hack that affected 50 million accounts, and countless...
Northern Tea Merchants Retail

A quick introduction to mobile-friendly & responsive web design

What is Responsive Website Design Responsive website design is a modern approach to web design which makes websites look great...

What is Google RankBrain, and how will it affect SEO in 2019?

If you're keen to stay ahead of the SEO game, you'll naturally be asking what is Google RankBrain, how will...
Website Support Creative Asset

A simple guide to choosing a domain name for your business

So, you’ve made the decision to start up a website, great! Next step is to buy your domain. What is...
Gate Sign Displaying "Open 11am–6pm Seasonal". Definitely a company in need of a local business website.

8 Reasons Why Your Nottingham-based Business Needs a Website

This article is part of our beginner's series. It should take under ten minutes of your time to explain why...

Are your website visitors failing to convert to customers? You need ‘calls to action’!

As a small business owner, it’s a no-brainer that you want to transform those visits to your website into actual...
Olivia's Sweet Little Things Web Design Doncaster

Keep Up With your Competitors – 5 Reasons to Have a Responsive Website Design

How many times have you heard web designers talk about responsive design? A hundred? Maybe more? You may not realise...
Design Choices

Are Your Design Choices Making or Breaking Potential Business Deals and Sales for You?

The thing about design is that it’s very subjective, especially when it comes to the likes and dislikes of individuals....

Don’t get left behind! Create Online Brand Awareness with ‘Pay Per Click’ (PPC)

All you want is for your customers to feel that passion that you feel for your own business. Are we...
GDPR Regulations

New year, new regulations: an overview of GDPR

So, what exactly is GDPR? Well, it’s the General Data Protection Regulation which is Europe’s new act. It's set to...
Gluten Free Christmas Infographic

A Merry (Gluten-Free) Christmas

We know, we know... what does a gluten-free Christmas have to do with tech or business?! Hands-up, not a lot!...
Online Security SSL

Secure Websites and SSL Certificated Explained

Have you ever noticed when you’re browsing on websites, that little padlock icon on the address bar? No? Well, Google...